Rotary Furnace for Lead Acid Battery Recycling

Rotary Furnace for Lead Acid Battery Recycling

If you are looking for a great deal on a Rotary Furnace for Lead Acid Battery Recycling Plant, Indotherm Equipment Corporation is your one-stop solution. We've been working with the intricate details of furnaces for decades, helping us gain the expertise we need to bring you the best. We are known for our quality-driven material at the most cost-effective prices. Furthermore, we are concerned with manufacturing, producing, and exporting our high-quality products, which helps us to build a brand in the international market.

It is a very flexible and universal tool used for recycling many non-ferrous metals. The proposed range generates high pollution as well as fugitive emissions of combustion gases. Apart from this, we offer these Rotary Furnaces in various specifications at affordable prices.

The rotary furnace is designed for the treatment and recovery of lead from Lead Acid Batteries Scrap and for the reduction of lead sulfate, lead oxide, lead concentrates, lead Dross, and lead ore. The rotary kiln will operate at a temperature of about 1000-1200 C.

The advantages of using the Rotary furnace for Lead Acid Battery Recycling

  • Equipment scalable for installing higher capacities
  • Recovers all lead in one production cycle
  • Can be fired with various fuels

Indotherm Equipment Corporation has rich experience in providing complete systems according to customer requirements.